Mixed Messages is old school and low tech. We're going to message like it's 1999.
Mixed Messages is old school and low tech. We’re going to message like it’s 1999.
  1. What sort of message should I leave? 

That’s entirely up to you. What did you forget to tell someone or never have the chance to tell them? Maybe you sent a message that wasn’t received. Leave your message as if you are talking to the intended recipient. Your message can be serious or funny, tragic or heart-warming. Speak about how you felt and be descriptive – if you want to tell granny how beautiful she looked in that blue dress three Christmases ago, tell us all about the dress.

2. How long should my message be?

The voicemail will allow you to talk for several minutes before it cuts out but your message can be much shorter if you like. Think about what you want to say before phoning. Taking a few notes may help some people leave a clearer message although rambling is also welcome! If you are text or emailing your message it should be no more than 240 characters (which is two standard text messages). Remember: leave a message, not a novel!

3. Should my message be a poem?

No, not at this stage. Just leave a message in regular speech. The poems in the messages will be discovered afterwards.

4. Should I leave my name and number?

No, we’d prefer if you didn’t. Messages submitted will not be replied to. Messages incorporated in the public Mixed Messages poem will be anonymous. This way you don’t need to feel exposed if your message is personal. Your voicemail recordings will not be made public – any audio recordings will use actors’ and volunteers’ voices.

5. How much will it cost to leave a message?

The Mixed Messages number is a regular UK mobile number. Standard network rates apply and differ according to callers’ phone contracts.

6. What form will the finished poems take?

There will be two types of poem. 1: Public poems the words of which have been found entirely in contributors’ messages. 2: Poems written by Georgi as a reflection on her experiences of listening to the messages.

7. When will the poems be available?

Poems will be posted on this blog from mid-July 2016.

8. Who makes money out of Mixed Messages?

Nobody (- well, excepting the phone networks who will receive their standard network charges). The Mixed Messages project is not for financial gain and all poems that originate from the project will be available at no cost on this website. It is, as they say on radio competition phone-ins, ‘just for fun’ – fun, and to share the love of poems.

9. I have a question that isn’t answered here. What should I do?

Email Georgi at mixedmessagespoetry@gmail.com