Mixed Messages resources: over to you!

Image by Benjamin Chun, shared under a CC licence, available at http://www.flickr.com

Listening to and reading all the messages that people have sent in has been fascinating, affecting, humbling and occasionally hilarious – thank you to everyone who sent a message in. I’ve found twelve Mixed Messages poems in the messages and sincerely hope that I’ve succeeded in being true to the original messages. My intention was not to change the messages but find the poetry in them and amplify the their meanings.

My role in finding the poems is now complete but with National Poetry Day fast approaching, it’s over to you! In my role at the Scottish Poetry Library, I’ve created some learning resources for schools so that teachers and librarians can run their own Mixed Messages projects with classes and writing groups.

If you work with an adult writing group or are an individual who’s looking for a new poetry challenge, have a look at the resources. There are ideas and advice that could be easily adapted to suit your needs.

Download mixed-messages-in-schools learning resources.

So have a go and have fun. We’d love to read the poems that result from your Mixed Messages projects. Send them in to mixedmessagespoetry@gmail.com or education@spl.org.uk and maybe we’ll share them here on the blog!




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