Mixed Messages poem #9: ‘URGENT’




Message received:

Had to go back for the kettle.

Running late but on my way now.

An urgent thing has happened.

They have put Katie in the basement at work. X x x x x x

Crikey. Have you got any fingernails left? Xxx

She is an adult, and, unlike you, probably has a sex life.

Otherwise I’m fine. Just a bit sore and itchy.

Bloody squirrel has dismantled my nut fort!

 Running late…

Just to clarify we don’t go out so don’t get any ideas

Have put chainsaw and cable indoors out of rain.

Told him to stick it and found a Chinese

Running late but on my way now

I am never without monkeys.

dental appointment with Mr Chan at 08:10 on 17/05/16

An amalgam of infinite, unique, essential particles.

To accompany monkeys is my purpose in life.

(inside of tomato puree tubes are gold)

Running late

‘URGENT’ is the ninth poem in the Mixed Messages series. As with all the other poems so far it has been created as a found poem from the messages that were sent in by the public. The messages used in ‘URGENT’ were responses to the Twitter request to send us a random text message from your phone – very random they were too! To see other Mixed Messages poems click here.




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