Mixed Messages poem #10 ‘I fly on clandestine wings’

‘Stars’ image by Tobias Van Der Elst, shared under a CC licence, available at http://www.flickr.org

I fly on clandestine wings*

The velvet lawn of sky, is daisied over with stars,

I can only navigate without a map, taking routes

into unknown terrain, on clandestine wings,

hoping that words

are enough to bind us together.

I wish

I could dig into the subtext of all these words unsaid

I could find clarity.


*We’re not sure if our messager was knowingly inspired by Neruda or if it was a happy coincidence but ‘alas clandestinas’ (‘clandestine wings’) feature in ‘Aqui termini’. ‘Acqui termini’ is part of Canto XV of Pablo Neruda’s Canto General (Ediciones Catedra S.A., 1990).

At Mixed Messages we’re celebrating the 2016 National Poetry Daytheme of Messages by using texts, emails, tweets and voicemails sent in by members of the public to create found poetry. Catch up on our earlier poems here.


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