Mixed Messages poem #5: ‘Sorry, sorrier still’

Image by Timothy Brown shared under a CC licence, available at flickr.com

 I want to tell you I am sorry

I need you to know

I’m just so sorry. I know

how much you need the time.

I’m sorry

I couldn’t see you again,

I still don’t know if it was the right call.

I am sorry I didn’t come.

Sorry that I wasn’t my best today,

that I couldn’t take you home with me.

I am sorry you took the tablets

I am sorry I didn’t come.

I wish I were the one

so I could have seen you one last time.

I’m so sorry,

sorry you were alone at the end.

I think of us

in parallel universes,

and I am sorry.

I just keep making the same mistakes.

‘Sorry, sorrier still’ is the fifth poem in the Mixed Messages sequence. In May and June we put a call out for the texts, voicemails, tweets and emails that people had wanted to send but for some reason hadn’t. The resulting poems have been ‘found’ in the phrases of the messages that were sent in. If you missed the first four poems, why not catch up here.




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