Mixed Messages poem #2: Stupid Passing Fancy

‘Eyes’ Image by Anderson Mancini shared under a CC licence available at http://www.flickr.com.

Now featuring an audio recording of Craig McCorquodale reading ‘Stupid Passing Fancy’. With thanks to Colin Waters and the Scottish Poetry Library for sound engineering and hosting on their SoundCloud page.

Stupid passing fancy

All the air has been pulled from my lungs –

you make me forget

                    how to


                                              when you

                                                               look at me.

Look at me.

Beautiful, full of wisdom,

I look like a good time.

              I’m not a good time.

I’m sick

              with what might be,

                            what it might be like to kiss you.

Look at me.

                           Make me forget how to breathe.

Look at me.

            You’re sad and lonely –

in the strange light that casts,

I look like a good time.

             I’m not a good time.

I don’t love you.

I need the scales to fall, that’s all.

This poem, like all the others in the Mixed Messages project was created using found text contributed by the public in voicemails, texts, emails and tweets. If you missed the first poem in the series, you can catch up here.



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