A love letter to…

Love letter image by Peter Hellberg shared under a CC licence available at flickr.com

In what seems like the blink of an eye, we’re racing to the end of the Mixed Messages call for messages. But don’t despair! We’re still here listening and reading until midnight on 30 June and very much enjoying all the messages that people are sending in. With that in mind, here is our final challenge – a prompt for a type of message you may want to send.

The final challenge was always intended to be a positive one, a big ol’ loving spoonful of lurve. With the increased uncertainty and anxiety regarding political circumstances in recent days, it feels more important than ever to carve a space for positive reflections so that’s what we’re inviting you to do. Send us your messages of love – it might be love for a person but could equally be for a place, a cherished pet, even a favourite book or piece of music; a love that hitherto hasn’t been expressed for whatever reason.

Me, I’m like an over-effusive labrador puppy, proclaiming loudly and frequently the breadth and depth of my love for family/cat/chocolate/Kay Ryan’s poetry/etc. Yet in the past few days I’ve been thinking about a place where I used to live that feels suddenly further away.

Dear Warsaw,

It took us a while to find each other’s rhythms, to jigsaw our edges together, but we got there.

I found you with the peacocks , sulky but bright on crisp, snowy  mornings in Łazienki Park. I found you at 3am in Stodoła, both of us soaked in stale beer and dance music.

And you found me. And you found her. And she and I found each other. She and I have each other still. Still jigsawed, tongue and grooved but now we find we might lose you. I never thought that could happen. What is the Polish for ‘taken for granted’? I only know ‘Kocham cię’.

We are of course still accepting messages on any other theme; this prompt is just a suggestion so if you have something else to say, do get in touch – we’re all ears!

Leave us a voicemail or send us a text to 07856 853675. It’s good to share and your words may be chosen to be in a poem. If you don’t like phones or you are based in another country and don’t want to fork out for an expensive international call, you can email us at mixedmessagespoetry@gmail.com. But hurry! We are only open to receive messages until midnight on 30 June. That’s this Thursday night so get dialling. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

All our love,



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