Giving thanks

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You know those days when everything is all planned out and looking peachy? Yesterday was promising to be one of those days right up until I tripped in the street and went flying. FLYING. Seriously – no part of me touched the ground as I hurtled through the air until I crashed to a halt on the pavement. And so it goes.

Today I’m typing this one handed with my other (fractured) hand in a splint and a To Do List which isn’t getting done anytime soon. Rather I’m musing on the people I owe a hearty and heartfelt ‘thank you’: the guy in the street who stopped to see if I was OK when I fell; my lovely colleague who let me sob all over her very fetching frock; my boss who lent me cab fare; and the biggest shoutout to Sue, the A&E nurse who put up with my phobias of needles, broken bones, hospitals, pain, pain killers…

I’m not the best of patients but Sue, you couldn’t have been more helpful and kind with just the right smidge of stern you needed to get the job done – thank you!

Who would you like to say thank you to? The teacher who helped you find your way as a mixed up, dropped out teen? The blood donors who saved your son’s life? Your other half for making pasta and pesto last night when you were knackered? Big or small, thank ’em all and let us  know about it.

Send your grateful texts and voicemails to us at 07856 853675 or email to Your messages of appreciation might end up in a poem and be shared here ahead of this year’s National Poetry Day.

We greatly appreciate all the messages that have already been sent in. Thinking about getting in touch? Go on, we’re looking forward to your messages – thanks in advance!


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